Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi


  • What is HopeStar?

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    Our Mission

    Since 2014, HopeStar has been helping individuals and companies through spreading a positive message and 'active investing'. Whether it is time, words of wisdom, guidance, capital or a little bit of Hope, we are here to help.   

    Our Approach

    Your company is only as good as your team, therefore our approach has much to do with personal growth. Putting time, training and compassion as your company's top priority will ensure your success.

    Why Us?

    We are active investors providing time, capital & passion to reinvent you and your business. Our objective is growth - the growth that comes from new, innovative ways of thinking that ultimately restore hope for you and your team.

    Our Clients


    Every person has their own story. We want to help you live it!


    Working together towards a common goal. A cohesive team with respect and vision can reach the stars!


    A successful company should be successful from top to bottom. Putting our plan in place will help you achieve your goals!